About the company  
Alta Adventure is a company arranging adventure holidays in Finnmark since 2007.  The focus is for an arrangement in the wilderness, based on first class guiding with people of long experience within their field combined with top quality equipment and working routine. The company has office in Kunnskapsparken in the Center of the city, where Stig Erland Hansen works as the leader, product developer and guide, while Diamela Torres Borrego takes care of the marketing and sales.
About us
We are a Cuban Norwegian couple that enjoy the outdoor life, the remoteness and the silence in the Norwegian nature and love to share our experiences with guests.  
This winter we have started to refresh our services in order to provide you exciting experiences with high quality guiding in the unrivalled nature that surrounds Alta.    
In winter we mainly offer Northern Lights hunting, ice fishing, snowshoeing, snowmobile safaris and Sami experiences for FIT, small and big groups. But we are
also able to prepare a full package of activities of your interest in any moment
of the year.
About Alta
Alta is the largest city in Finnmark with a population of approximately 20 000 and it is expanding rapidly. Alta Museum is built on the site of the Northern Europe’s large Stone Age rock carvings depicting the “Komsa culture”. You can well understand its placing all those years ago when you consider its idyllic position inside the Alta Fjord, with good access to the sea and the islands out in the fjord. 

Situated at the base of the Alta valley it boast one of the world’ s best salmon rivers and it is surrounded by slate quarries. From Alta  it is just 30 minutes drive up to the Canyon to the “Finnmarksvidda” or Lapland.

Alta lies innland and is this unaffected by the Gulf Stream in the coast. It has relatively little rainfall (between 30 to 50 cm), surprisingly warm summers and cold winters (down to -25 degrees centigrade). Normally there is less than 1 metre of snow in the winter.

On arrival in Alta, most people are surprised on how easy their journey was. Less than two hours from Oslo and you are in a perfect start point for a Finnmark adventure.  At the airport or other pre-arranged place, Alta Adventures friendly representative will pick you up and introduce you to the clothing and equipment required for the experience you have chosen.


Useful tips
-Arrive with clothing suitable for the weather conditions. You can check weather forecast for Alta in: www.yr.no
-Warm underwear and wollen socks are recommended.
-The availability of a rucksack is advisable.
-We will supply you appropiate dress for driving snowmobiles, etc.
-We undertake to give you instructions in snowmobile driving, fishing, etc.
-Pre-heated tents or mountain cabins are used for overnight stays.