On arrival in Alta, most people are surprised on how easy their journey was. Less than two hours from Oslo at the cost of under kr500 each way. Not quite as barren as one would expect, a perfect start point for a Finnmark adventure.
At the airport or other pre-arranged place Alta Adventures friendly representative will be waiting to collect and introduce you to the clothing and equipment required for the experience you have chosen.


The largest town in Finn mark, Alta has a population of almost 18 000 and is expanding rapidly, attracting people with its exciting new building projects. Within the next couple of years Alta will be able to boast a new airport terminal, aqua centre and the "Nordlys Cathedral". The town has diverse culture; with a 2000 strong student faculty at the University College it has a relatively young population.

Surrounding Country

Alta museum is built on the site of Northern Europe"s largest Stone Age rock carvings depicting the "Komsa Culture". You can well understand its placing all those years ago when you consider its idyllic position inside the Alta fjord, with good access to the open sea and the islands out in the fjord. Situated at the base of the Alta valley it boasts one of the world"s best salmon rivers and is surrounded by slate quarries. From Alta it"s just a 30 minute drive up the Canyon to the "Finnmarks vidda" or Lapland.


Alta lies inland and is thus unaffected by the Gulf Stream on the coast, it has relatively little rainfall (between 30-50cm), surprisingly warm summers, and cold winters (down to -25 degrees centigrade). Normally there is less than one metre of snow in the winter.

The Light

Between May 22nd and July23rd Alta can enjoy the midnight sun. Locals as well as visitors to Alta are affected by 24 hours of daylight, its difficult to "call it night" when enjoying an evening with friends, if the sun doesn"t go down. Alta lies perfectly placed for the most impressive display of Northern Lights. The light prior to the arrival of the midnight sun is also to be marvelled at, April with a combination of brilliant evening skies, still with snow on the ground.

The People

The majority of the local people are at one with the "out doors" proud of their town and the surrounding countryside, it"s why they love to have visitors along for trips along the river, to a lake, or out in the fjord, very friendly approachable people.