Ptarmigan Hunting

Bilde av guiden

To hunt ptarmigan in Finnmark is something that many could only dream about……take the initiative and try one of our hunting trips – you will guaranteed be back for more! We vary the hunting all depending on the changing seasons with background in local knowledge. Together with our experienced tourist guides the whole trip will be a pleasant adventure in the nature you will never forget.
Ptarmigan hunting

Ptarmigan hunting on the islands will follow the same daily schedule as that of the deep-sea-fishing, with a base camp out one of the islands, hunting for……… (For the fittest).
The program for ptarmigan hunting is a lot like the one for trout and char fishing, with a camp in the midst of the ptarmigan terrain. We chose areas that have not been over hunted.
We normally do not use dogs, but those that have hunting dogs can of course bring then along. Alta Adventure has excellent guides for hunting ptarmigan that are well acquainted with the area. Never the less we would like to focus on the whole experience of being at one with nature as opposed to the days catch of grouse.