Salmon Fishing

Bilde av guiden

What about salmon fishing in Finnmarks Rivers under the midnight sun? The special light at this time of the year makes it a unique experience, our chosen rivers and the surrounding countryside is a combination that will leave a lasting impression.

Salmon fishing in the river:

When we fish Finnmarks rivers our itinerary may vary depending on which river is being fished, the probable rivers we shall fish are: (although others may be chosen)
- Eiby River, 15min from Alta airport.
- Repparfjord River, 1 hour from the airport.
- Stabursdals River approx 2 hours from the airport.

Common to all tours are sleep overs in (a gammer) a traditional style tent.
A one or two handed fly rod is generally used from the riverbank or mid stream; all three rivers give excellent sport fishing for both small and large salmon during the summer.
Our local guide knows the rivers well, the right spots in the stream for the best results. “Catch and release” is the preferred for the female fish, but the males can be taken (tough being a lad!).
We fish normally between 2 and 4 days in various parts of the river. The Eiby and Sabbursdals rivers flow calmly through pine forest, whereas the Repparfjord in the tundra region flows appreciably faster with broken water and falls. But whatever the catch, Finnmarks outstanding nature will leave memories for life.