Trout and Char Fishing

Bilde av guiden

Those that have treated themselves to a trip on the Finnmarks vidda fishing trout or char say that it is an extremely special experience. We will walk or take a helicopter to base camp which is situated beside a fishing lake. Here there are many possibilities for trips in the area. Our camp is well equipped and our tour guide will deal with all practicalities. Take contact and we can devise a trip suggestion that will suit you and yours.

Trout and char fishing (example: three days tour)

Day 1
On foot the trek to base camp will normally take about half an hour. For those who want an easier time we can arrange a helicopter ride direct from Alta airport to the camp. The base camp will consist of double sided gammer\lavvuer (traditional sami tents) -which will be erected at the side of a fishing lake- equipped with camp beds, a table and chairs and pre heated ,all very cosy! We will start with a little bite of food, possibly Bidos, a Sami meat soup… before we rig up the fishing tackle, we will first try fishing on the lake beside the camp. After a fishing session we will all meet back at camp for a mutual dinner round the campfire. This dinner will consist of trout or char if are lucky enough to catch any on our first trip. After dinner we will hopefully create a good atmosphere round the campfire with lots of interesting stories, before retiring to bed for a good nights sleep.

Day 2
We will start after a good breakfast. Our guide knows the fishing lakes in the area well, what kind of fish and where they can be found. In the middle of the day we will once again meet for a communal lunch. If it is the right season we may also serve cloudberries for desert! Through the rest of the evening those that wish may carry on fishing, whilst the others can relax at the camp with self catering of both food and drink. Finnmarksvidda is a huge flat plateau where fishing lakes abound. Our guide is well versed in Sámi culture and will gladly answer any questions you put to him. Later on in the evening we will share a rejuvenating reindeer meat dinner, and after desert and coffee, we will continue through the night if the atmosphere is right. At this time of the year it is light all day and to experience the midnight sun is an integral part of the whole package

Day 3
After breakfast on the third day, those that wish to can enjoy a morning fishing trip for the last of the big fish before we pack together our hand luggage (the camp will be left erect) and start on our decent back to civilisation. At the road we will be met by another guide that will transport us back to Alta. Maybe some would like to refresh before leaving Alta, then a trip into a hotel for a shower and a sauna can be organised.
Finnmarsvidda is an extremely special experience, and we can guarantee a trip that you will not soon forget.