Trips on Snow Mobiles

Bilde av guiden

Transport to the snow mobiles along the west side of Alta fjord
We will drive along the west side of Alta fjord, and will pass through Kåfjord which was Finnmarks largest town about 100 years ago, due to the activity around the copper mines. Kåfjord , with its quaint English “village style church” still stands today. This is the only local pre war building that still remains. Hitler’s pride, the Tirpitz was also anchored here. The war ship received a massive bombardment from the allies, during the last phase of the war. A little later we come to the village of Talvik that is the starting point for our snow mobile and skiing trips. Those that are participating on the dog sledge drive will carry on for a further half an hour to Lang fjord.

Trips on snow mobiles (example; three-day tour)

Day 1
We will have a 15-minute drive from Alta where we will change into some warm snow mobile attire. Alta Adventure has a good selection of clothes in all different sizes. If we have got time maybe we will have some recuperating warm soup before we commence further to our starting point for the snow mobile trip. Our snow mobile guide will give a short instruction on vehicle handling with special attention to safety when driving on snow. The first part of the trip will be through forest, so here we will drive carefully and acquaint ourselves with the snowmobiles. We will drive on legally marked scooter tracks, and participants will keep a safe distance but at the same time have eye contact with the rest of the group just in case it is necessary for us to make a quick stop. After a while we will reach the tree line with a great view over the beautiful Vossbotn valley. After a calm drive through the valley we will arrive at a higher altitude and after a while will turn to the left and then turn south towards Ulvedalen. We will now be at a height of 700 meters above sea level and will have a fantastic view over the whole valley.
The total trip, with placid driving will take about two hours over to our winter camp beside Villrein Lake. Here we will occupy two pre-heated gammer (traditional lap tents) and a little hut. With the Northern Lights or a full moon over the terrain this will leave memories one will never forget.
The evening will end with warm food, coffee and good stories…

Day 2
We will start the second day with a harty breakfast. Afterwards we will drive the snowmobiles along the scooter tracks down towards Holmvann and some lakes in the area. If the participants wish we can jig a little for trout or char, and place some hooks baited with worms or maggots, which we will leave in the ice holes. Now it is time for some sightseeing with snow mobiles in this rugged mountainous area north west of Alta. This rugged coastal landscape is completely different from that of the Vidda, and offers spectacular experiences in the nature. After driving in this landscape we will then commence back to base camp for a bite to eat, before we heat up the sauna. Now we taste a local variation of reindeer meat soup. With good food and drink we usually manage to create a pleasant atmosphere through the evening, and if the guests wish, our guide can recall some local stories and describe the people and culture in this northerly part of country.

Day 3
We will start the third day with a short snow mobile trip to the lake where we had the previous day set out the (snik) hooks to see if we have managed to catch anything during the night. Back at camp the coffee will be warm and the breakfast ready. After a while we will start our decent back down the beautiful Vassbotn valley again, and after about half an hour we will be down in the village where we will say goodbye to our guide, before being transported back to Alta in the waiting mini bus. We usually pay a visit to a hotel to change out of our snowmobile clothes and possibly take a shower and jump in the sauna, before we go our different ways at the end of an experience in the wilderness you will remember forever!