Sea Fishing

Bilde av guiden

The deep waters slicing between high snow topped peaks, makes sea fishing out in the Alta fjord a marvellous experience. The light and colours leave lasting memories to all who try deep-sea fishing.
Sea fishing trips (example: 3day tour)

Day 1
On the pier at Storekorsnes you will be met by Alta Adventures sea fishing expert who will have prepared a gammer (a large traditional tent) out in the sound, it will be equipped with beds, chairs and a table, ready for use in the event the weather will not permit a meal round the camp fire. After a bite to eat, at the camp, our fishing equipment is made ready and we board the boat moored at the camp. Depending on the season we shall be fishing for “skrei” (large arctic cod) “coal fish”, “wolf fish”, or “halibut”. Towards the end of the spring we can also try (dorging) trailing the lure from a moving boat for salmon. The guide knows the waters around the islands well and can point you to where the fish are lying. At the end of the first trip, we can return to base camp for a traditionally cooked meal, for example “skreimølye”, “seimølye” (mølye: fish cooked with roe and liver) or reindeer meat. After dinner, if you wish, a look around the island, or a cosy evening around the campfire with a general history of the area from the guide.

Day 2
After a good breakfast we cast off again, our fishing to some extent is controlled by the seasons, but a variety of fish are always available. To the north of the islands “Seiland” and “Stjernøya” there are many interesting small fjords to explore, should the weather be favourable we can sail into their unique environment for a spot of lunch around the campfire. The mountains on the island reach 1000m o.s.l Seiland also boasts the glacier “Seilanndsjøkelen”. In 2007 the area was given the status of National Park, a breath taking area rich in bird life, including a large population of sea eagles that appear regularly for visitors cameras.

Day 3
If all are in agreement, the third day is given to catching fish we have not yet encountered, before packing our personal belongings and returning to the pier at Storekorsnes. On the return boat ride we shall sail deep into “Store Kvalfjord” where steep mountainsides go straight into the water. Back on the pier we bid farewell to our guide, before accompanying Alta Adventures representative back to Alta, where a sauna and showers are available. We guarantee a fantastic experience in the nature in and around the islands of Altafjord.