Trips with Dog Sledges

Bilde av guiden

Transport to dog sledge trips along the west side of Alta fjord:
(se på første avsnitt “Trips on snowmobiles”)
Trips with dog sledges (example; three day trip):

Day 1
After about an hours drive from Alta we will approach the starting point for our dog sledge trip, and Alta Adventures canine friendly guide will already have the dog sledges ready for our participants. The guides will themselves drive the larger sledges, fully loaded with equipment, and pulled by a team of 10-12 Huskies . At a safe distance the participants will have their own sledge pulled by 4-6 willing huskies. The huskies willingly follow the main sledge, but if anything happens the guide will stop to help. After a drive up the mountain and another run we will take a break on the tracks with a little food and something to drink.
When everybody has had enough to eat and have had a cup of coffee we will commence over the vidda to our winter camp at Villreinvann. Here we will reside in two pre-heated gammer and a hut. If there are Northern Lights in the sky we will enjoy the spec table and atmosphere before we enrich ourselves with a good warm evening dinner.

Day 2
We will start with a tasty breakfast before we start exploring the area on dog sledges or skis. First we will drive to some good fishing lakes not far from base camp, and jig for trout and char before we set some “sniker” (“hooks with bait”). These will be left over the night and pulled up the next day, hopefully with some wriggling fish on the end of the hooks. If wished we can get the sauna going, before we tuck into good food and drink during the evening. The fantastic surroundings in this area guarantee an excellent atmosphere round the camp fire.

Day 3
After breakfast on the third day we will commence our journey back to the dog farm down by the sea. We will check the baited hooks from the previous evening to see if we have caught anything on our way down. By now the participants will be experienced enough to see the different ways the dogs react and work. In addition the dogs know that they are on their way home and are therefore in top form…
On our arrival we will take the reins off the dogs and say farewell to our guide. Now Alta Adventures other representative is in place to transport us back to Alta. If anybody would like to we can visit a hotel for a sauna and shower, before we end the trip…with fantastic adventures in the nature in Finnmark.